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Knower's Ark Pet Services

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Dog Walking

A walk taken with the individual dog or dogs from the same household. This can be off lead or on lead as guided by what the dog is used to and will vary in location within the local area.  All walks are timed from the point that the dog leaves home and end when they arrive home. No need to factor in drop off and pick up times and no travelling in a vehicle to get to the walk location. Available between 9am and 4pm weekdays and 8am until 11am at weekends. 

Dog Walk* 45 mins once per day

Mon - Fri  £14 per day

Weekend/Bank Hol - £20 per day

Dog Walk* 45 mins twice per day 

Mon - Fri £24 per day

Weekend/Bank Hol - £30 per day

Dog Walk* 45 mins once per day

Weekly rate (Mon - Fri only) - £65

Dog Walk* 45 mins twice per day

 Weekly rate (Mon - Fri only) - £110

*Individual dog from one household only. Additional dog from household - £5 per walk.

Home Visits

A Home Visit can be to look after any animal whatsoever! From the lesser able dogs to cats, small furries and flying friends the visit can include anything necessary for your pet’s comfort in your absence. With a clear care plan in place the visit can include feeding,  administering any medication, cleaning litter trays and of course a good dose of fun and cuddles in the absence of their own people. With experience of looking after everything from fish to rats and reptiles there are no creatures that are off limits for this service! The visit will also provide a chance for plants to be watered and post to be taken in if you are away on your travels and need security to be maintained. 

**There is a small surcharge for cage cleans that are required as part of the Home Visit service.

Home Visit 30 mins once per day £11

Home Visit 30 mins twice per day £18

Home Visit 45 mins once per day £15

Home Visit 45 mins twice per day £27.50

**Cage Clean £10

For home visits on Bank Holidays  (including Christmas and New Year) there will be a surcharge of £5 per visit.

Overnight Stays

For a pet who may require that little bit more company, an overnight stay allows them to stay at home when you are away with someone ‘living in’ to provide those all important cuddles and play opportunites. The house will be maintained and pets can feel secure and confident that there is someone looking after them. Time in the house will vary but is guaranteed from 10pm until 6am. If walks are required these are included in the price – up to two daily. Feeding throughout the day is also included for cats and any other critters who require it and post and plants will of course be looked after too. All that is required is a clean bed for your house guest! Ideal for puppies and kittens who may need extra care through the night.

Overnight Home stays Per Night £47.50

 If you have any further requirements we would be very happy to discuss these with you and quote accordingly - just get in touch on 07958649734 or email