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Knower's Ark is founded and run by  trustworthy, reliable animal lovers. Having owned a menagerie of our own we are more than ready to spend time with your pets ensuring that they receive exemplary care in your absence. 

Knower's Ark has been borne from a passion for animals and a wish to ensure that they are well looked after when their family are not home. This is a field which, to a large degree, is unregulated and our mission is to ensure that great care is given on an individual basis to each pet we look after, rather than them simply becoming numbers on a sheet of clients. Our background includes years of agricultural work and animal husbandry, owning a huge variety of pets ourselves and supporting various rescues as volunteers and through adoption and financial support.

Having owned an array of pets from fish to reptiles and birds to rodents (with cats and dogs in the mix as well, of course!) we believe that we have confidence in taking on the care of many species and breeds. With the arrival of small children the menagerie at home has reduced somewhat and our fur kids are now 'the boys' - Fats and Domino the degus, rescued from Starlight Trust ( They are the cell mates trying to break free above (don't be fooled - they lead a life of luxury now!!). 

Knower's Ark operates from Old Isleworth and areas covered include Isleworth, Brentford, St Maraget's and Richmond. Walks will be carried out locally to your home so that dogs may feel at home and comfortable. They may well see some of their normal buddies if they are sociable souls and if not we will simply enjoy the amazing array of parks and river walks that we are so lucky to enjoy in this part of the world. Consultations will begin with a walk where possible to see what your dog is used to when they are out with you. That way we all know what is expected when we open that door and the lead comes out!

For home visits our consultation will of course include some time spent seeing how you interact with your pets too so that they get what they are used to when we walk through the door. The main thing is consistency and that extends to fun and cuddles as well as timing and diet!

'We all know pets are family and having owned or looked after a huge variety of fluffy, scaled and feathered friends, I would feel privileged to be given the responsibility of looking after your pet as I know what a huge leap of trust that is for you. It is not a role I take on lightly.'

- Fiona Knower